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Advantages to Our Clients

Through our professional services, you'll experience the following advantages:

Quality of Service

Our most distinct advantage is the quality of the services and personel we provide:

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Training and Technical Services

Training for Future Success

From entry-level staff members to seasoned professionals, everyone benefits from training. Targeted, well-planned training not only helps new-to-the- workforce individuals increase their skill sets so they can function more effectively in their work assignments, it also enables workforce veterans to refresh and update their skills and learn and adopt best practices. MPF's curriculum designers and multilingual training specialists work closely with clients to design customized, culturally-sensitive, competency-building programs that meet professional development and standards. The curriculum we develop is tailored to the educational needs of an organization and the learning styles of the participants.

MPF follows the recognized models for training and adult learning. We incorporate training aids and educational materials into all instructional programs. We conduct evaluations to ensure training recipients acquire the knowledge and skills clients need to build and sustain a highly qualified workforce. Our blended learning approach includes instructor-led training, web-based courses, webcasts, video teleconferences, and self-guided and self-paced online classes.

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Clinical Research and Evaluation

Helping Clients Measure Progress and Reach their Objectives

The importance of research cannot be underestimated. Its results can impact future policies; program funding; lifestyles and behaviors; scientific developments; technology, bioengineering, and biomedical acquisitions and applications; and public opinion. Whether identifying research objectives, designing studies and sample specifications, forming and testing hypotheses, developing methodologies, analyzing data and reporting findings, MPF provides expertise in both research and evaluation.

Research Services

MPF employs a variety of data collection methods including structured and unstructured interviews, questionnaires, surveys and literature reviews.

Analytical and Statistical Support Services

Once all data have been collected, MPF employs the latest technology and techniques for data mining and analyzing secondary data sets. We develop algorithms for exploring data and searching for patterns and relationships. We present our findings in comprehensive research reports that range from highly technical presentations for scientific audiences to less complex presentations aimed at community-based audiences.

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Life Sciences and Animal Research Support

Intelligent Personnel Management that Meets the Challenges of Today While Securing the Success of Tomorrow.

We support our employees so they can support you.

We provide our employees with competitive salaries and benefits, and ensure they stay on the cutting edge of the animal care industry by providing a dedicated a team of trainers to ensure employees have the resources to expand their skills and knowledge. We also encourage attendance at Regional and National conferences, and provide corporate support to employees seeking to obtain industry certifications.

MPF’s employee mentor and leadership programs allows senior and high performing employees to have a positive influence on other team members across the company. We also provide employees with access to certified career counselors who are able to help team members design a career path and ensure employees are allowed to grow and maintain a high level of career satisfaction. Satisfied, fulfilled and supported employees translates into a high performing support team MPF values internal promotion, which provides a powerful motivation for strong performance, creates an atmosphere of opportunity, and aids in the seamless continuity of operations.

Key MPF Animal Research Support Personnel Principles

Internal promotion can only occur if there are qualified internal candidates, which is why “good enough” is never good enough when it comes to employee selection at any level.

Providing employees with a challenging work environment that allows them to learn and grow professionally is vital to employee satisfaction.

Valuing, promoting, and rewarding AALAS certification demonstrates to our people that we care about them and want them to be successful.

Achievements should be celebrated and rewarded. Whether certification, a poster, or publication, MPF will always recognize and reward the “above and beyond” efforts of our people.

Competitive Benefits

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Systems Development and Operations

Building an Enterprise System from the Ground Up

MPF has the know-how, experience, and skills to modernize, build-out, and design computer and networking systems that are better able to process, store, manage, and protect data both at rest and in motion. Our ability to develop fully interoperable, highly secure systems and to optimize enterprise-wide performance is enhanced by the application of structured methodologies in all phases of a projects from design, to development, to engineering, to testing, to project management.

MPF also employs an enterprise information systems lifecycle model that enables clients to efficiently manage all system components from installation through eventual decommissioning or replacement.

Additionally, we integrate IT operations and systems administration into our development processes to address system evolution. Using our Earned Value Management System (EVMS), MPF ensures each project stays on schedule, within scope, and on budget and generates detailed status reports to regularly update clients.

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Information Technology and IT Security

IT Infrastrucures and Solutions

Building Efficient Systems, Maintaining Valuable Resources, and Protecting Vital Information. In today's technology-driven world, an organization's computing resources and network are two of its most vital assets. MPF offers a full range of information technology (IT) services that enhance the functionality and performance of clients' computing resources and networks. In addition to improving data access and output, speed, and security, MPF helps clients save money and time while taking full advantage of the technology they use.

MPF advocates the mission-driven use of IT. Our IT professionals carefully assess each client's needs, technical specifications, and cost and time requirements. We then leverage resources within and outside the client's organization to develop IT infrastructures and solutions that integrate easily into multiple computing and networking environments.

The MPF team of IT professionals has experience and expertise in the following key areas:

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Program Management, Technical Assistance and Support

Skilled Managers That Understand Mission Goals

Effective program management requires a comprehensive understanding of the entire management process, as well as the skills and experience to manage numerous, ongoing, simultaneous tasks. MPF possesses all of these skills.

In addition to being excellent multitaskers, MPF’s veteran program managers offer mission-focused management skills. They establish logical management structures that help guide programs and streamline processes, develop budgets and monitor costs to ensure that programs never exceed the financial resources allotted to them, ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, have the tools and resources needed to get the job done, and manage timelines with precision.

Program Management Capabilities to Enhance Program Performance

MPF knows what it takes to coordinate and prioritize resources and teams to ensure maximum program efficiency. We continually evaluate program processes. Our program evaluations range from simple to complex and may be conducted at any time in order to determine if a program is meeting expectations; is being implemented as planned; is on time, within budget, and on track. They also may be used to identify where programs need to be improved. MPF is very successful at using evaluation results to recommend program modifications and enhance program performance.

Our end-to-end program management and support capabilities include:

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